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Please excuse the mess during our relocation and renovations!

We are in the process of moving and combining our separate websites to this convenient web hosting service.  Each of our individual websites must be in place, and functioning properly on this new server, before further work on this placeholder page can carry forward.

Why were we forced to move from our previous decade long host?

Because Comcast Cable turned off all personal web hosting on October 8, 2015!

A brief history about websites belonging to our family of companies:
Building and maintaining a platform for any business requires a lot of work, time, and money.  Our first major move was from a dial-up BBS (Bulletin Board Service), to join the growing and popular World Wide Web.  Over the years we have had our share of problems as previously used small web hosts went bankrupt or closed suddenly leaving us high and dry.

A little over a decade ago our parent company relocated from St. Louis, Missouri to Knoxville, Tennessee.  At this time we sold or closed all of our land locked businesses, but temporarily maintained our fluid companies websites on St. Louis based servers.  Over the next few years we downsized, and due to changes in our need for technology, we slowly migrated each website to Comcast Cable Company.
We lost two of our early domain names because they were not properly registered to us.  Web hosts sold cheap domains and placed them under their own names, so they could charge mega bucks if you tried to move from their service.  Comcast would not allow domain names to be used on personal web sites, and we never planned to change ISPs.  Because they are the only cable provider here, we used the suffix.
Well, the day of reckoning came, and Comcast decided to close their personal web hosting.  Although they gave us three months notice, it doesn't erase the manhours and dollars spent on building our platform using

We managed to procured our domain name which we can take anywhere with us.  Even so, now comes the arduous and expensive task of rebuilding our platform, and working with a new hosting service to get our websites up and running again.

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A Secret in Ash Brooke Cover Image

A Secret in Ash Brooke

A small town detective agreed to mentor a local newspaper reporter, who wished to enhance his sleuthing hobby.  In the process of improving his observational skills, the reporter scrutinized various citizens torso and behavior.  As his facial recognition abilities increased, he grew more aware of subtle similarities and differences.

The reporter soon became intrigued with an exceptional physical likeness between two young women.  Each portray different cultures, and appear nothing alike in manner of dress, or in their separate lifestyles.  The reporter, convinced they must be twins, maintained a constant vigil on his suspects.

He befriended one of these ladies to learn more about her.  All attempts at justifying to himself she was a twin, proved futile.  Subtle comments among her friends and family confirmed she had only one sibling, an older brother.
These facts led our sleuth-hound reporter to believe these two women were one in the same person.

Turning his attention from the proper lady, with her strict religious upbringing; to the one of questionable moral values.  His observations only invited confusion, and generated unanswered questions.  Each time his suspicions exposed another clue, a positive clarification negated the probability.

Their timetables overlapped, and one person cannot possibly be in two places at the same time.  Or can they?  Certain his assumptions are correct, our reporter continued his quest to learn the truth.

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