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Welcome my Friend and Thank You for visiting our Antiques page!

We only had a few true antiques passed down from our great-grandparents, and grandparents to sell.

But sometimes something comes along that is a true antique for us to offer to you here.  To appear on this page the item must be at least one-hundred years old.  Anything younger will appear on the Vintage & Collectibles page.  We sold a few 1895 to 1910 Emerson Maeston fans, and numerous civil war weapons and paraphernalia, plus several early oil lamps and stoves.  When we discover new treasures, we are pleased to make them available to you.

Classic Haus Limited, L. C. is a private publishing and holding company, not a sales organization.  All items offered for sale here or through links on these sale pages of our website are made privately, and the sale culminated personally by the property owner.

Featured Listing

Hull Pottery, Early Utility, Old Tavern Design, Pitcher & Steins - - Offering #2011d

Product Data:

  • Crazing - Nearly imperceptible.
  • Condition - Perfect.  Not one chip on any item.
  • Impressed Factory Marks - Circle around capital H followed by the numbers 492.
Hull Pottery Pitcher and Steins Image

Priced over 40% below collectors value;

Now Only $275.00

Collectors Value: $460.00

Obtained from a "Schiffer Book for Collectors," compiled and written by Jeffrey B. Snyder.
Hull Pottery - Decades of Design, Revised 2nd Edition, with Price Guide, published May 19, 2003.
Jeffrey B. Snyder has been researching and writing about ceramics, for many years.
First as a historical archaeologist and later as a professional writer.

For Local Sale Only,
Too fragile, will not ship.
Pick-up in South Knoxville, TN

Product Description:

All pieces have a raised relief scene of small alpine village tavern and its patrons.
Colored in tans and browns with glazing slips to enhance rustic appearance.

Quantity - One.
Height 9-3/8"
Spout to Handle 9-1/2"
Base diameter 5-7/8"
Quantity - Four.
Height 6-1/4"
Lip to handle 4-3/4"
Base diameter 3-5/8"

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