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Welcome my Friend and Thank You for visiting our Vintage & Collectibles page!

On rare occasions we offer an item for purchase which is not suited for other sales venues.

Most of these unique and sometimes unusual special interest items require a lengthy description and/or full-documentation not afforded on general sales websites.  Many items we have sold previously were old family heirlooms, antiques, collectibles with source and ownership listings, registration papers, or certified appraisals.

Classic Haus Limited, L. C. is a private publishing and holding company, not a sales organization.  All items offered for sale here or through links on these sale pages of our website are made privately, and the sale culminated personally by the property owner.

Featured Listing

Selmer U.S. Padless Alto Saxophone, Original Carrying Case, One Owner - Offering #1911e

Used instrument in near excellent condition.  Serial Number 27020
A truly rare collectors item!  With OEM Tonex tone rings, not rubber replacements.

This saxophone boasts many firsts.

Click here for more information about this Saxophone, H. & A. Selmer, and Hunleth Music Company

Newest Listings

YASHICA TL ELECTRO-X 35mm CAMERA and Accessories, One Owner - Offering #2205a

This 35mm Yashica Camera is the Optional Ultra-fast Model
The Primary Lens is the Auto Yashinon-DX 1:1.4, not the 1:1.7 lens

This barely used camara comes complete with many extras.

Click here for more information about this Camera and Accessories

PLASMA BALL/GLOBE - Vintage 1987 - by With Design In Mind - - Offering #2205e

Plasma F/X Model 0201 - Complete with Power Supply
Lamp has two Control Knobs, one for Lamp Variable Intensity,
and one for Voice or Sound Variable Controlled Activation.

Plasma Globe Front On Image

Only $75.00            

Sorry, Shipping Not Available at this time.  Pick-up in South Knoxville, TN

This Plasma lamp was rarely used, and is in excellent condition.

Plasma Globe Left View Off Image Plasma Globe Bottom View Image
Plasma Globe Front View Off Image Plasma Globe Front Top View On Image
Plasma Globe Front Right View Off Image Plasma Globe Close-up of Label Image

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