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Welcome my Friend and Thank You for visiting our Industrial Items page!

On rare occasions our business holdings may offer a few overstocked items, and new or used equipment for sale.

It is not uncommon for a manufacturer to discontinue a product line, or change its style of packaging.  A business may purchase equipment not suited to their particular usage, or upgrade to newer machines.  Some of these items are unique to a specific industry, or designed for a certain task which makes them hard to resell through normal venues.  We are pleased to make these companies offers available to you.

Classic Haus Limited, L. C. is a private publishing and holding company, not a sales organization.  All items offered for sale here or through links on these sale pages of our website are made privately, and the sale culminated personally by the property owner.

Featured Listing

Liquid Shipping Container 20-Liter/5-Gallon Cubitainer® - Qty 24 - Offering #1701c

Overstocked Item For Sale:

Hedwin Cubitainer Image

Priced at 40% below invoice;                   Now Only $200.00
Sorry, Shipping Not Available.  Pick-up in South Knoxville, TN

24 - NEW Hedwin 5-gallon Assembled Cubitainers® - Number CUA4895
UN Rating 4G/Y32/S - S-18117
Designed for overseas shipping, great for storing non-volatile liquid products.
Will not sell individually.

The Cubitainer® system is built strong, and safely handles the stress of international shipping.

The perfect product package for regulated and non-regulated chemicals.
Yet safe for food and pharmaceuticals, and conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1520.

Product Data:

Please visit the Hedwin Company for more information about their Cubitainers®

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