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Welcome my Friend and Thank You for visiting our Office Equipment page!

On rare occasions our business holdings may offer a few new or used office machines or equipment for sale.

A business may purchase equipment not suited to their particular usage, or upgrade to newer machines.  Some of these items are unique to a specific industry, or designed for a certain task which makes them hard to resell through normal venues.  We have sold everything from coin sorters and coin rollers, to bill counting machines, large safes, and standard office equipment such as check writers, paper cutters and shears, cash registers, and point of sale devices.  We are pleased to make these machines available to you.

Classic Haus Limited, L. C. is a private publishing and holding company, not a sales organization.  All items offered for sale here or through links on these sale pages of our website are made privately, and the sale culminated personally by the property owner.

Featured Listing

Professional Drafting Tools - 1960's Vintage - Light Usage - - Offering #2011c

Traveling Draftsman's Grab and Go Loaded Briefcase

Forecast Briefcase Filled Image

This image is of the fully packed briefcase,
see below for individual item images in this offering.

Priced over 50% below current $1,050.00 value;

Now Only $500.00    

Sorry, Shipping Not Available at this time.  Pick-up in South Knoxville, TN,
Will not sell items individually.

Item Images:

A Complete List of Items Follows this Images Section.
For a Larger View, Right-click, Select Show in New Tab.

Versalog Slide Rule in Leather Case, Hemmi, Bamboo Core, plus the Instruction Book Image Wrico AR Style Pen Collection Image Wrico Lettering Guides Group A Image Wrico Lettering Guide Covers Group A Image Wrico Lettering Guides Group B Image Wrico Lettering Guide Covers Group B Image
Koh-I-Nor Rapidograph 3065-S7 Top View Image Koh-I-Nor Rapidograph 3065-S7 Front View Image Eagle Turquoise 17 Lead Pointer with Pens, Leads Top View Image Eagle Turquoise 17 Lead Pointer with Pens, Leads Front View Image Smead's Kwik-Twst Paper Drill, Assorted Nibs, Pens Image Laminated Engineering and Architectural Hardwood Scales and Covers Image
Post Sovereign Model 76 Electric Eraser Image Post Mercury Automatic Electric Eraser, Metal Eraser Shields, Misc. Image Faber-Castell Machine Erasers, Markers, Leads Image Post 1589 Trig-Scale Image Post 30-60-90 Triangles, Ames Lettering Guides Post 45-90 Triangles Image
Post 1144 Techmaster Set Open Image Post 1144 Techmaster Set Hardshell Case Image Handy 201 and 202 Circles and Arcs Templates Image Post Squares and Pickett 1610 Electronics, Assorted Templates Post 1430-E Parallel Bar, Hoyle Adjustible French Curve, Etc. Image C-Thru FC8 Boxed Set French Curves Image Miscellaneous Extras, Some Already Pictured Above Image
Allen Engineering Scales Image Forecast Briefcase Open Image Forecast Briefcase with Flap Down Image Forecast Briefcase Closed Image

Items Listing:

Professional Drafting Tools Descriptions:

  • Post Versalog Slide Rule - Hemmi
    Bamboo Core, in Leather Case.
  • Post Versalog Instruction Book - Hard Bound.
  • Post Sovereign Electric Eraser - Model 76.
  • Post Hand Held Mercury Automatic Electric Eraser.
  • Post Techmaster 1144 Set in Hard Case.
  • Post Trig Scale #1589 Clear Model.
  • Post #1430 E Parallel Bar.
  • Post #1749-12 30-60-90 Professional Triangle.
  • Post 12" or Equivalent 45-90 Professional Triangle.
  • Post 11" or Equivalent 45-90 Professional Triangle.
  • Post 5" or Equivalent 30-60-90 Professional Triangle.
  • Post 5" or Equivalent 45-90 Professional Triangle.
  • Post 4" 30-60-90 Professional Triangle.
  • Post 4" 45-90 Professional Triangle.
  • Koh-I-Nor Rapidograph 3065-S7 Technical Pen Set,
    In Original Vintage Red Velvet Case.
    Note: Pens and Ink Tanks require cleaning.
  • Wrico AR Style Pen Collection with,
    Four Marbled Green Bakelite Pen Holders,
    10 point sizes, 10 inkwells,
    3 Needle Cases with Needles,
    Red Sizes 13, 17, with 4 needles,
    Black Sizes 21, 26, 35, with 7 needles,
    Green Sizes 43, 55, 67, 83, 98, with 6 needles
  • Wrico Professional Lettering Guides Complete Set,
    VCN 90, 120, 140, 175, 200,
    VC 240, 290, 350, 500,
    VN 240, 290, 350, 500,
    Hand-marked by owner/user for both,
    Wrico and Rapidograph pen sizes as,
    used in most Drafting Departments.
  • Eagle Turquoise 17 Lead Pointer,
    With all Adapters and Metal Desk Clamp.
  • Eagle Turquoise Drawing Leads #2375 Most Near Full,
    Sizes: HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 6H, 9H.
  • Eagle Turquoise Filmograph Drawing Leads #6375,
    Sizes: E1, E2, E3 Most less than half full.
  • Faber-Castell 7" Machine Erasers #73 White,
    (12 in box - 1 used).
  • Faber-Castell 7" Machine Erasers #75 Green,
    (12 in box - all new).
  • Post 2958 Brushes - 2 combined as one unit.
  • Smead's Kiwk-Twst Hand-held Paper Drill.
  • Hoyle Adjustable French Curve.
  • C-Thru FC8 Boxed Set of 8 French Curves.
  • C-Thru # B-75 Ruler 12".
  • Ames Lettering Guides - Qty. Two.
  • Allen Engineering Scales Set.
  • Laminated Hardwood Triangular Engineering Scale.
  • Laminated Hardwood Triangular Architects Scale.
  • Set of 2 Handy-Grip Metal Scale Holders.
  • Metal Eraser Shields Set,
    for use with Electric Erasers.
  • Post 3000 Sandpaper Pencil Pointer Pad.
  • Handy #201 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" Circles Template.
  • Handy #202 3/64" to 7" Circles and Arcs Template.
  • Pickett 1610 Electronics Template.
  • Post 1/16" to 1-3/8" Squares Template.
  • Post #2968-1/2 General Purpose Template.
  • Post #1536A-6 Protractor.
  • Miscellaneous Templates Made in U.S.A.
  • Forecast a Sears Brand Hard Shell Briefcase Used.
  • Plus Several Miscellaneous Unlisted Items.

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