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Welcome my Friend and Thank You for visiting our Photographic Equipment page!

If you are into Photography, we have everything from Cameras to Lenses of all types, and the peripherals to go with them.

Most of the photographic equipment offered here are used, and came from our grandparents and parents estates.  A few are those I've accumulated over the years, and are sitting idle due to my age and health.  
We are pleased to make this assortment of photographic equipment available to you.

Classic Haus Limited, L. C. is a private publishing and holding company, not a sales organization.  All items offered for sale here or through links on these sale pages of our website are made privately, and the sale culminated personally by the property owner.

Featured Listing

YASHICA TL ELECTRO-X, 35mm Camera, Optional Ultra-fast Model     - Offering #2205a

This unique Camera and the associated Equipment included in this offer was rarely used, many items have not been used at all.
These items are considered Vintage by most collectors.

Camera Case and Bag Image

This is only the image of the Camera Bag and Camera Case, see below for all items in this offering.

Priced over 50% below current $700.00 value;

             Now Only $350.00

Sorry, Shipping Not Available at this time.  Pick-up in South Knoxville, TN

Items Listing:      For a larger view, right click, select show in new tab.

Yashica TL Electro-X Image

Yashica TL Electro-X Back Image

Kaligar Auto Telephoto Lens Image

Vivitar Auto 2x Custom Teleconverter Lens Image

Telephoto and Teleconverter Leather Cases Image

Kalimar Polarizer Lens Image

Kalimar Close-up Lenses Set Image

Prinz Mirage Lens Image

Yashica Camera Case and Brown Accessories Bag Image

Vivitar Electronic Flash Image

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